Is a GlitterBomb! a real thing?  Are you guys legit?

100% on the up and up.  We are a real advertising agency with real people, living in the United States.  The GlitterBomb! is a real thing.  People have been doing it for years – not only via mail, but using birthday cards, class notes or even party invitations.  We’re just taking it to a new sinister level!

How do I get started?

All you have to do is click the Buy Now button.  Fill out the form with the recipient’s address and choose any upgrades you’d like, then complete the payment securely using Paypal.

Will they know that I sent it to them?

Only if you tell them, or request we send a special message in the envelope.  Otherwise, it’s totally anonymous!

How much is it going to cost me?

Only a $10 payment using PayPal.  Mere peanuts compared to the value of overflowing joy you will feel in your heart, once you click the Buy Now button!

What upgrades do you offer?

Upgrades are coming soon.  They include choosing different types and shapes of specialized glitter to be included in your GlitterBomb!  We also offer a confirmation receipt upgrade.  For this upgrade, you include your contact info (which will remain anonymous to the recipient.).  We will send you the proof of receipt in the mail as soon as we receive it, so you will be 100% sure that your GlitterBomb! was delivered and what the exact date of receipt was.